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Vision and Mission

The Office of Campus Sustainability is charged with moving Keene State College to become New Hampshire’s premier undergraduate institution for leading, educating and demonstrating visionary sustainability.

We accomplish our vision by developing, modeling, teaching, and implementing initiatives that cultivate a culture of sustainability at Keene State College and result in measurable transformation.

Guided by the College’s commitments to (1) attain an AASHE STARS Gold Rating by 2020, and (2) our pledge for carbon neutrality under the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, we work with staff, faculty, students, and administrative leaders to pursue sustainability throughout all facets of campus life in how we educate and how we do business. We collaborate closely with the President’s Council for a Sustainable Future to solidify our practices into policies. Please read the current KSC AASHE STARS report.

The Office of Sustainability seeks to ensure constant improvement in our actions by educating the campus community on best practices and emerging trends in sustainability. We consistently raise the bar with each new sustainability project.

Contact the Sustainability Office

Cary Gaunt
Director of Campus Sustainability
Elliot Center

Diana Duffy
Coordinator of Energy and Administrative Services
Elliot Center

Marcus McCarroll
Recycling Assistant, Green Bikes Coordinator
Elliot Center

Matthew Bacon
Recycling Coordinator
Elliot Center