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RD Position Description

Reports directly to the Assistant Director for Residential Education. Each Residence Director (RD) is expected to operate from a foundation that incorporates student development theory, institutional and organizational priorities, and their best professional sense of what their staff and students need.

The position is a twelve-month, live-in professional position with primary responsibility for direct supervision and leadership in an assigned community on campus.

Residence Directors are responsible for administering the Community Development Model in a residential area of 320 to 650 students, supervising 8 to 14 staff members, and working to promote the mission of the department and the college.

Primary roles include the following:

  • Responsibility for administrative, management, and personnel functions for a residence hall or area, including both housing and student development functions.
  • Responsibility for participating in the selection, training, development, supervision, and evaluation of Resident Assistants, Head Resident Assistant and other student staff.
  • Provide assistance to students in areas of advising, counseling, crisis intervention and discipline.
  • Responsibility for general orientation of resident students and the coordination of all procedures to ensure the effective opening and closing of the residence halls at the appropriate times throughout the academic year.
  • Responsibility for the development and coordination of residence hall programs and activities in accordance with the departmental Community Development Model.
  • Responsibility for becoming personally acquainted with residents in order to serve as a referral source to faculty and other departments within the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Provide advisement to formal student groups including the residence hall council and other student groups within Residential Life and the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Responsibility for management and supervision of the reception desk area of the residence hall including the coordination of information, recreational equipment, and desk attendants.
  • Coordinate and follow through on all records pertaining to the overall maintenance of the facility to include preparation of Maintenance Work Orders, assessment of damages, control of keys/codes, and recommendation of general and long-range building improvements.
  • Responsibility for maintaining required records such as room changes and building rosters.
  • Provide leadership to staff and students in the development of a community environment based upon consideration for the rights, property, privileges of one another and as necessary, to re-direct, the behavior of students toward this end.
  • Maintain office hours in the residence hall or area.
  • Develop effective, efficient methods for accomplishing administrative requirements for communicating with professional colleagues, defining responsibility, and for encouraging creativity and motivation.
  • Serve as a conduct hearing officer.
  • Serve in an on-call six person RD duty rotation.
  • Opportunities to participate in various departmental committees, participating fully in the professional activities and/or assignments of the Division of Student Affairs and developing a cooperative relationship with other student service offices.
The opportunity to work with the motivated and passionate team at KSC has given me the chance to really grow as a new professional. The team provides me with the encouragement to expand and explore both my identity and my abilities.

- Heather McCarthy, Residence Director

Working at KSC has been a pleasure. I’ve been provided many opportunities to develop as a professional in the field of Student Affairs and Residential Life. I feel that my ideas are heard and I feel valued as an employee within the department. Everyone I work with is very accommodating and easy to get along with, making each work day enjoyable.

- Jeff Sawyer, Residence Director