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Colleague Recognition

From Michele Kuiawa, Cohen Center:

I want to be sure that Laura Borden, Marketing and Communications, knows just how much I appreciate her. Even when I sheepishly give her a project due in a week’s time, she manages to get it done – and with a smile! She’s eager to help whenever I see her. She’s doesn’t seem to mind helping me find just the right image to use when we have sensitive material or a difficult subject matter. Laura, you rock!

From Barbara Preston, Office of the Vice President For Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:

I would like to thank Lynn Roman, Marketing and Communications, for her calm and gracious assistance with a document challenge I recently had. I needed to convert a PDF file into a Word document to imbed it into a larger word document. The PDF file included a non-KSC letterhead with an image that would not convert. When I exhausted my tool box of knowledge I phoned Lynn to ask what I was neglecting to do. She offered to scan the PDF file and she sent me Photoshop files to work with. Success! That was exactly what I needed. My thanks to Lynn for making time in her full schedule to assist me in solving my problem.

Contact Marketing & Communications

Sarah Kossayda
Director of Marketing
☎ 603-358-2119