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Wellbeing Team Retreat

From Melanie Adams, Wellbeing Team:

On Thursday, May 25, staff and faculty from two campus sub-committees working on a campus-wide Wellbeing Plan spent the morning at the College Camp. The “Wellbeing Team” began its work 16 months ago after the Strategic Plan and Academic Curricular Planning Council’s (ACPC) directives to improve Student Wellness and Environmental Sustainability. Since their initial charge, some members have also been tasked with developing a rubric to assess the College-wide Learning Outcome (CWLO)- Commitment to Wellbeing. The two groups came together to share their progress and to map out priorities for the coming year. Ideas for improvements spanned all areas of the college and steps to operationalize them will be developed this summer. The team sends thanks out to Jen Ferrell, Director of Student Involvement, who served as the discussion facilitator.

Committee Members:

Program/Initiatives – Brian Quigley, Cary Gaunt, Tiffany Mathews, Michelle Morrow, and Melanie Adams

Assessment – Melanie Adams, Forrest Seymour, Chris Burke, Jeanelle Boyer, and Dena Shields

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