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Colleague Recognition

From Marianne O’Brien:

I am very excited to be handing the Golden Owl to Renee Harlow from purchasing. I took much thought in making this decision. There are so many wonderful Keene State employees who are always willing and ready, whenever I send out a cry for HELP.

I did realize that there is one person who I call first and that is Renee. She is always willing to help me with my many questions. Renee has always been more than helpful, she answers even my most simplistic questions with insight and knowledge. I learned early in my career here that she is someone I can always count on.

Renee, Keene State is a better place because of people like you! Thank you and I am sure I will be calling again for help!

From Marc Doyon:

I wanted to take a minute to give a shout out to Kathy Bottomley. Anybody who has dealt with her professionally knows that she is always friendly, upbeat, and helpful. Over the past winter I took part in a KSC bowling league (not something that I would normally do) that was organized by Kathy. It was on Monday nights after work and although I’ve never done much bowling before I found that I had a great time and met and got to know several people from the college that I had little to no contact with before. Kathy put a lot of time and effort into making this an easy, fun experience for no other reason than to get people together to build some stronger social relationships in a fun environment outside of the office. Being a member of the staff recognition committee I appreciate what a positive impact it had on building community among the people that took part in the league and the effort that Kathy put in. Thanks Kathy!

From Robyn Lucius:

I would like to give a Shout Out to Elise Morrissette and Jen Drake-Deese for all their hard work on the PERC Lean Process. Their diligence and patience in learning such an intricate process has been quite impressive. Both have been incredibly thorough in their research and always make themselves available for questions and/or concerns. Thank you both for the time and energy you have invested in making this process run smoothly!

From Barbara Preston:

I would like to give a Shout Out to Karyn Kaminski and Michelle Fuller for their patient assistance deciphering Years of Service. What appears to be a straightforward task is not in many cases and often a closer look and more research is needed to determine every year of service that an adjunct, staff, or faculty member has contributed to Keene State College. Both Karyn and Michelle have been accessible, helpful and gracious through many phone calls and emails during the process of research. Thank you both, your contributions to the process are immeasurable!

From Casey Justice:

A huge thank you to Tom Sims in the IT Department. In addition to all of his other tasks, he has been working with the Student Success Collaborative Initiative to extract a large amount of data in order for us to get the program up and running. Without his help and knowledge of how to do this, it would not happen! I just wanted you to know that we appreciate all of the work that you have been doing to ensure this project’s success! THANK YOU!

Shout Out to Elizabeth Nieckoski in the Registrar’s Office. Without her constant running of reports for us in the Transitions & Parent Programs Office, we would not be able to outreach as quickly and effectively to students. Her response time on emails to us is amazing and she is always so thoughtful and helpful in her responses. THANK YOU Elizabeth!

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