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Colleague Recognition

Ralph Stuart receives the Golden Owl.
Ralph Stuart receives the Golden Owl.

From Matt Bacon, recycling coordinator:

I handed off the Golden Owl to Environmental Safety Manager Ralph Stuart today, and have attached a picture of him receiving it.

Since I started as the Recycling Coordinator at Keene State, Ralph has been constantly working with me to help enact progressive universal waste and hazardous waste protocols. Most recently, we’ve been collaborating in the design and building of new electronic waste collection cabinets to be placed around campus. Ralph’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and best management practices for potentially dangerous materials around KSC is inspiring, and he’s an awesome partner to have on campus. Many thanks to all he’s done in helping me get settled in during my brief time here so far.

From Helen Babonis, textbook manager, College Bookstore:

I am pleased to pass “Oscar” the Golden Owl to Christine Miles, Body Works Manager/Coordinator of Group Fitness Classes and Adjunct Faculty Member.

Chris is an excellent instructor and role model not only to her practicum students in the PE department, but to students in her fitness classes. Participants in her classes range from college age students to senior citizens and all get invaluable advice and coaching on how to get and maintain a stronger body that will lead to a more productive life style.

Chris is always willing to create workouts or modify workouts for individuals to help them get through a physical ailment or when they can’t make it to a scheduled class. She is such a positive person; always encouraging her students to do more and explaining why doing so is important. We are so lucky here at Keene State to have such a great teacher, role model, and motivator who practices what she espouses.

For these reasons and many more, Chris Miles deserves not only “Oscar” but many more accolades!!!

From Chris Miles:

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to publicly thank Dorothy Carrien, administrative assistant for the PE Department, by flying Oscar down three flights of stairs to her office. When I began my job here as the BodyWorks manager Dorothy was extremely patient and helpful, guiding me through all aspects of taking on a job one week before classes began. This meant helping with the ordering process for equipment and supplies, directing me to the right person or office for various issues, even where to find the chalk for the bulletin board, and so much more. She was the glue that kept me together early on. Over the years I have continued to go to her for answers to questions and solutions to problems. Whatever the issue, she goes the extra mile and is always quick to get the job done.

Dorothy is an invaluable resource for the PE department. Keene State is so fortunate to have her on staff.

Thank you, Dorothy, for your hard work and dedication to your job.

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