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Professional Activities

Jeff Friedman’s newest book, Floating Tales, was recently accepted for publication by Plume Editions/MadHat Press and will be published in August 2017. Floating Tales is a collection of fables, mini tales, prose poems and other prose pieces. Jeff is the author of six previous poetry collections, five with Carnegie Mellon University Press, including Pretenders (2014), Working in Flour (2011) and Black Threads (2008). Friedman’s poems, mini stories and translations have appeared in American Poetry Review, Poetry, New England Review, The Antioch Review, Poetry International, Plume, Hotel Amerika, Flash Fiction Funny, Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Agni Online, The New Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish Poets, New Flash Fiction Review, The New Republic and numerous other literary magazines. Dzvinia Orlowsky’s and his translation of Memorials by Polish Poet Mieczslaw Jastrun was published by Lavender Ink/Dialogos in August 2014. Friedman and Orlowsky were awarded an NEA Literature Translation Fellowship for 2016. Nati Zohar and Friedman’s book of translations Two Gardens: Modern Hebrew Poems of the Bible, was published by Singing Bone Press in 2016.

Recent publications from the laboratory of Professor Jerry P. Jasinski (CSI-Keene: Crystal Structure Investigators) with national and international collaborators from Egypt (Minia University), India (Banaras Hindu University, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, Jiwaji University, Karunya University, Lovely Professional University, Mangalor University, University of Mysore), Iraq (Kirkuk University) Scotland (University of Saint Andrews), Turkey (Eryclyes University), United Kingdom (Manchester Metropolitan University), USA (Howard University, UMASS Boston).

  1. Engineering Molecular Topology: A Pseudopeptidic Macrocyclic Figure-Eight Motif, Sharma, Sakshi; Thorat, Shridhar H.; Gonnade, Rajesh G.; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Butcher, Ray; Haridas, V., European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016), 10.1002/ejoc.201601365.

  2. 4-Benzyl-1,2,4-tri¬aza¬spiro¬[4.5]dec-1-ene-3-thione, Shaaban K. Mohamed, Mehmet Akkurt, Jerry P. Jasinski, Alaa A. Hassan, Ahmed T. Abdel-Aziz and Mustafa R. Albayati, (2016) IUCRData, 1, x161982

  3. 5-(2-Methylfuran-3-yl)-N-Phenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-amine, Santosh Paswan, Manoj K. Bharty, Sushil K. Gupta, Ray Jay Butcher and Jerry P. Jasinski (2016) IUCRData, 1, x161724.

  4. Histamine perchlorate, Okeke, Ugochukwu; Gultneh, Yilma; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Butcher, Ray J. IUCrData (2016), 1, x161481.

  5. Synthesis, crystal structure, biomolecular interactions and anticancer properties of Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes bearing S-allyldithiocarbazate, Nanjundan, Nanjan; Narayanasamy, Ramaswamy; Butcher, Ray Jay; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Velmurugan, Krishnaswamy; Nandhakumar, Raju; Balakumaran, Manickam Dakshinamoorthi; Kalaichelvan, Pudupalayam Thangavelu; Gnanasoundari, Vettaikaranpudur G., Inorganica Chimica Acta (2017), 455(Part_1), 283-297.

  6. Stereoselective synthesis of fused tetrahydroquinazolines through one-pot double [3 + 2] dipolar cycloadditions followed by [5 + 1] annulation, Zhang, Xiaofeng; Pham, Kenny; Liu, Shuai; Legris, Marc; Muthengi, Alex; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Zhang, Wei, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016), 12, 2204-2210.

  7. Crystal structure of 6-hydroxy-5-(2-methoxyphenoxy)-2,2’-bipyrimidin-4(3H)-one, Sagar, Belakavadi K.; Yathirajan, Hemmige S.; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Glidewell, Christopher, Acta Crystallographica, Section E: Crystallographic Communications (2016), 72(7), 969-971.

  8. 2,2-Difluoro-1,3-diketones as gem-Difluoroenolate Precusors for Asymmetric Aldol Addition with N-Benzylisatins, Qian, Jinlong; Yi, Wenbin; Huang, Xin; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Zhang, Wei, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis (2016), 358(17), 2811-2816.

  9. The crystal structures of two chalcones: (2E)-1-(5-chlorothiophen-2-yl)-3-(2-methylphenyl)prop-2-en-1-one and (2E)-1-(anthracen-9-yl)-3-[4-(propan-2-yl)phenyl]prop-2-en-1-one, Girisha, Marisiddaiah; Yathirajan, Hemmige S.; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Glidewell, Christopher, Acta Crystallographica, Section E: Crystallographic Communications (2016), 72(8), 1153-1158.

  10. Crystal structure of 2-benzoylamino-N’-(4-hydroxybenzylidene)-3-(thiophen-2-yl)prop-2-enohydrazide, Subbulakshmi, Karanth N.; Narayana, Badiadka; Yathirajan, Hemmige S.; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Rathore, Ravindranath S.; Glidewell, Christopher, Acta Crystallographica, Section E: Crystallographic Communications (2016), 72(8), 1099-1102.

  11. Different acid-base behaviour of a pyrazole and an isoxazole with organic acids: crystal and molecular structures of the salt 3-(4-fluorophenyl)-1H-pyrazolium 2,4,6-trinitrophenolate and of the cocrystal 4-amino-N-(3,4-dimethyl-1,2-oxazol-5-yl)benzenesulfonamide-3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid (1/1), Girisha, Marisiddaiah; Yathirajan, Hemmige S.; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Glidewell, Christopher, Acta Crystallographica, Section C: Structural Chemistry (2016), 72(8), 612-618.

  12. Organocatalytic One-Pot Asymmetric Synthesis of Thiolated Spiro-γ-lactam Oxindoles Bearing Three Stereocenters, Huang, Xin; Liu, Miao; Pham, Kenny; Zhang, Xiaofeng; Yi, Wen-Bin; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Zhang, Wei, Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016), 81(13), 5362-5369.

  13. Variable coordinating activity of sulfur in silver(I) complexes with thiophene based N1-substituted thiosemicarbazones: First case of thiopheneyl-thione sulfur bridging in a dinuclear complex, Sharma, Rekha; Lobana, Tarlok S.; Kaur, Manvir; Thathai, Neeraj; Hundal, Geeta; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Butcher, Ray J., Journal of Chemical Sciences (Berlin, Germany) (2016), 128(7), 1103-1112.

  14. Crystal structures of 4-methyl-2-oxo-2H-chromene-7,8-diyl diacetate and 4-methyl-2-oxo-2H-chromene-7,8-diyl bis(pent-4-ynoate), Akinyemi, Akintunde; Thomas, Courtney; Marsh, Willis; Butcher, Ray J.; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Maynard-Smith, Lystranne A., Acta Crystallographica, Section E: Crystallographic Communications (2016), 72(5), 704-708.

  15. A pot-economical and diastereoselective synthesis involving catalyst-free click reaction for fused-triazolobenzodiazepines, Zhang, Xiaofeng; Zhi, Sanjun; Wang, Wei; Liu, Shuai; Jasinski, Jerry P.; Zhang, Wei, Green Chemistry (2016), 18(9), 2642-2646.

  16. Synthesis, spectroscopy, structures and antimicrobial activity of mixed-ligand zinc(II) complexes of 5-nitro-salicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazones, Indoria, Shikha; Lobana, Tarlok S.; Sood, Henna; Arora, Daljit S.; Hundal, Geeta; Jasinski, Jerry P., New Journal of Chemistry (2016), 40(4), 3642-3653.

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