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Colleague Recognition

From Casey Justice, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:

A big thank you for the timely response from both Rosean Liimatainen and Jim Tuttle as I continue to navigate student hiring paperwork. They are always so quick and efficient with their responses both via email and on the phone. This is not the only part of their job and it is such a pleasure working with them, as they answer my questions as if it is the first time they are hearing the question! Thank you both!

From Rosean Liimatainen, Human Resources:

I am presenting Lynne Andrews with the Golden Owl. I would like her to know how much I appreciate her efforts in the student hiring process. The paperwork is always filled out correctly and completely. Lynne’s attention to details makes my life much easier during the crunch time of the student hiring process.

From Lynne Andrews, Recreational Sports:

I passed on the Golden Owl peer recognition to Bud Winsor and the entire Grounds staff for their hard work and dedication to maintaining our beautiful campus year-round. They create beautiful landscaping around campus with amazing flowers throughout the spring and summer and then change it for the fall season. They battle daily in cleaning up the leaves during the fall months and then help to maintain safe walking and driving conditions on campus while cleaning up the snow during the winter. The Grounds staff also helps with setting up for large events such as commencement that would never go as smoothly without their hard work. The Grounds crew really deserves all of our recognition for their continued commitment to keeping our campus beautiful!

From Jim Carley, Residential Life:

I am very pleased to present The Golden Owl to Barbara Preston, Vice President Kemal Atkins’s Chief-of-Staff and all-around great person. The Office of the VPSAEM is often in the eye of the storm, one minute dealing with the slings and arrows of student crises or outraged constituents, and the next joyfully celebrating the unheralded accomplishments of our staff and students. Barbara handles them all with the dignity, grace and aplomb that belies her inner strength and concern for all of those with whom she works. If you stop by her office, you will always be met by her friendly smile and positive, caring demeanor, regardless of what might be hitting the fan at that moment. Thank you, Barbara, for all that you do and the way you do it!

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