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Introducing the Owl Code

From Jennifer Ferrell, director of student involvement:

The “Owl Code” is about to take flight!

What is the Owl Code? The code forms the basis for our actions as a community and our expectations of one another as members of that community.

Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Kemal Atkins charged Jen Ferrell, director of student involvement, and Matt Salter, director of student conduct, with recruiting, gathering, and facilitating a committee of students to research, draft, and propose a statement/code/guiding principles that students and other members of our community can aspire to uphold. The committee of invested students and staff worked over the course of the spring 2016 semester to review other schools with similar statements in place, define what is most important for our community, and wordsmith what ultimately became the Owl Code.

The Owl Code will be introduced to our newest community members during Convocation and other areas of the upcoming Welcome Days program. Over the course of the next academic year, we intend to incorporate the Owl Code into a number of programs and may be reaching out to you for assistance, perhaps to include the code in your syllabus, to promote the code during a meeting or event, or to post images from our marketing campaign.

We hope you will join us in embracing this and holding each other to the standard set for our students through the Owl Code. Hopefully the Code provides an example for us all as we move forward.

Keene State College Owl Code

Here at Keene State College, we are confident that our fellow students will act with integrity and hold each other accountable in all aspects of our college careers. The standards we have set for our community have created specific expectations. These expectations form the Owl Code. As a Keene State Owl, I promise to…

  • Strive for academic excellence
  • Actively contribute to an inclusive community that appreciates and celebrates diversity
  • Engage in active citizenship through community involvement
  • Demonstrate leadership through my decisions and actions

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