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Colleague Recognition

George Quinn and the Golden Owl
George Quinn and the Golden Owl

Multiple Golden Owl updates this time!

From Alison Marino, Res Life:

I decided to pass the Golden Owl on to George Quinn because I felt it was important to acknowledge his dedication not only to our office, Residential Life & Housing Services, but also to the greater campus community. George is the Information Technologist in Res. Life, and provides us the tools and support we need to operate efficiently and effectively. He is truly the person behind the scenes that is the catalyst for maintaining accurate data and highly functioning online processes. George consistently develops creative solutions to challenges that arise, and is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. George’s work has a significant positive impact on his colleagues, which in turn allows us to serve our students to the very best of our ability. Thanks for all you do, George!

And from Robin Lucius, Student Accounts:

The second Golden Owl has begun soaring across campus. The first recipient was honored May 11: Thank you to Rob Tilton for his continuous positive attitude and constant willingness to lend a hand whenever needed. His ability to find an ‘opportunity’ at every corner just proves his enthusiasm towards any task he undertakes. Thank you Rob for always being a true example of a team player.

Plus, some more recognition…

From Michele Kuiawa, Cohen Center:

I just wanted to publicly acknowledge Melanie Lizotte for coordinating Gym line up during this year’s Commencement. It’s a big job to begin with and then to step into Casey Justice’s shoes is another thing! It’s a thankless job, but Mel stepped right in when Casey knew she would be out on maternity leave. Mel did a great job getting everyone one organized, including the volunteers and getting the graduates out to the quad! Well done, Mel!

From Heather Greenwood:

On behalf of the ROCKS Crew, I wanted to give a shout-out to Jim Tuttle. He always goes above and beyond to make sure my students have accurate and complete timesheets – including staying late this week to help a few of our most recent alums. THANK YOU, JIM!

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