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CDC Children’s Book Swop is Back!

From Ellen Edge, Child Development Center:

We are happy to share the good news that our CDC Owl Book Swop has returned for another year, April 26-27, 2016. This is a very special community event which the CDC has been hosting for the past several years. It is very simple and involves the exchange of books: We solicit donations of “gently used” children’s books and toys from families and community members, and then these are displayed in an attractive way in our conference room, along with music and refreshments. Please drop off donations April 1-15.

Families can then wander in and select free books and toys for the family. We have found over the years that this presents nice opportunities for chit-chat between families, so when you drop by for books, make sure to stay and socialize (you don’t have to of course…)

We also wanted you to know that even if you don’t donate books, you can still take books. Many families assume that they shouldn’t participate because they haven’t donated. Not true. All are welcome!

So, we hope you will participate in this lovely event, both by donating and receiving books. If you are able to donate books, please check to make sure the printing date is not before 1985. There is now legislation that requires us to only use books printed after that year due to concerns that there may have been lead used in the printing of the books before that date. (If you miss it, don’t worry, we’ll check too).

Please also spread the word to friends about donations of books. The more books, the better!

Many thanks to our wonderful Book Swop committee: Nancy Peck, Forrest Bencivenga, Tara Kavanagh, Lisa Kasprzak, Elizabeth Castaldi, and Kelsey Kilburn.

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