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Colleague Recognition – Golden Owl Takes Flight!

From Marc Doyon, Staff Recognition Committee:

As you have probably read, there are a couple of new ways for staff members to recognize their peers for going above and beyond at the College. One way is to submit a brief thank you through Campus News by emailing when you see a staff member doing something that deserves a thank you.

The other is the passing of the very prestigious Golden Owl! This is a fun way to recognize each other as staff members will pass the Owl to other staff members. We would love to keep track of the Owl traveling around campus, so, as you hand it off, don’t forget to submit who has it – and why – to Campus News! Feel free to take a picture of the recipient and the Golden Owl and submit that as well! [Ed. Note: Though we can’t promise we’ll run every picture… you’ll have to get very creative!]

The very first-ever recipient of the Golden Owl is Sylvie Rice for all of her hard work in helping so many people across campus with their health and safety issues. Unfortunately, Bob Dumond presented the inaugural Golden Owl to Sylvie the day before she retired from KSC so she didn’t get to bask in its beauty and glory for very long. Anyway, congratulations Sylvie, and thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!

And as the first ever Golden Owl recipient retired shortly after receiving it, the staff recognition committee got to choose the next person for this great honor! We unanimously chose Barbara Preston. Barbara is not only a pleasure to work with, but has also worked tirelessly on behalf of the Staff Recognition Committee. Thank you Barbara, there is no way we could have gotten so much done without you!

And Barbara adds:

I gifted the Golden Owl to Jane Warner because of her outreach to student Jennifer McIntosh. Jane visited Jennifer in the hospital to acknowledge Jennifer’s academic and personal achievements at KSC and to stress Jennifer’s value as a member of the KSC community. Jane worked with Jennifer and knew how important an KSC education was to her.

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