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Physical Plant Cashes In on Energy Efficiency

From Diana Duffy, Energy Coordinator:

Energy-efficient upgrades made by Physical Plant staff not only save the campus some big money, they can also earn attractive utility rebates for Keene State. This year, Keene State electricians and grounds crews secured rebates totaling over $15,500. These rebates reward smart energy choices, and the yearly energy savings helps the College for years.

Thanks to Keene State’s electrical team, there are now hundreds of LED lamps and fixtures all over campus. Many of those LEDs qualify for incentives, depending on how much energy they save, and the quality of the technology chosen. In 2015, Keene State electricians Doug Adler, Derek Goodrich, Josh Rogers, John Tattersall, and recent alumnus Justin Carley installed 599 qualified LEDs, saving the campus 115,000 kWh a year. There are still plenty of opportunities for better lighting and controls around campus. These incentives help pay for future investments in smarter lighting this year.

At Brickyard Pond, grounds crew members Joe Britton, Geoff Davis, and Noah Washburn, with electrical support from Derek Goodrich, electrical support, installed a much-needed aeration system to the pond this past fall. The three quiet, low-profile “pond bubblers” improve the pond’s aquatic habitat, and the system uses a fraction of the energy of its clunky predecessor. The submerged aerators are marked by duck decoys – many of you have already spotted them, and they quickly attracted real ducks to the water this past fall.

With the short payback on this project, EverSource Energy urged Keene State to make this energy-saving upgrade, and its $545 rebate means the aeration project will pay for itself in just one year.

Thanks to everyone in Physical Plant doing their part to improve energy efficiency on campus.

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