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Effective Communication Workshop from HR

From Kim Harkness, Human Resources:

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to sponsor:

Effective Communication

Tuesday, December 22nd

3 p.m., Huntress Hall, Room 012

The ability to effectively communicate with others is one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional success. Everyone manages emotion, communication, and conflict from habit—patterns and styles developed early in life and over time.

In “Effective Communication,” you will learn how to effectively listen and be a better communicator. The seminar will teach you how to develop an awareness of your personality and communication tendencies; examine listening skills and learn ways to become an effective listener; and discuss ways to overcome barriers to effective communication

Our presenter, Shanti Douglas, is a mindfulness and stress management coach, an energy medicine practitioner, corporate trainer, and professional speaker. Shanti blends her unique and diverse experience and education to bring a fresh perspective to life’s challenges. Her educational background includes degrees in Psychology and Human Services, Masters-level work in Consciousness Studies, and 20+ years of credit and finance management in both private and regulated business industries.

To register for this program, visit today! Staff should consult with their supervisor before registering for programs running during regular work hours.

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