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YEA! Tuition Discount for KSC Children and Grandchildren Still Available

Reminder: The children and grandchildren of Keene State faculty, staff and alumni are eligible for a $100 discount on tuition for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!).

From Meredith Speranza:

YEA! is a groundbreaking program, held right on Keene State’s campus, that teaches middle and high school students in grades 6 through 12 how to start and run their own business or social enterprise. Over the course of the academic year, students work with mentors to write and fine-tune business plans, prepare and then pitch those plans to a panel of Investors for real funding, and participate in a Trade Show. In addition, the class will go on behind-the-scenes field trips to local companies, hear from expert guest speakers, and actually register their business or non-profit with the Secretary of State. Students really launch these businesses! And all the learning is hands-on, experiential and fun!

In its inaugural year in New Hampshire, the program hosted at KSC graduated 15 young CEOs. This group of students launched nine businesses, all of which are recognized by the Secretary of State. In the first several weeks of the program, students brainstorm ideas then decide on the structure of their entity. They may work as sole proprietors, in partnerships, or in small groups of up to four students. Students do not need to have an existing idea in order to apply or gain admittance to the program.

Over the course of the 29-week program, over 50 volunteers interact with the class as business mentors, investors, field trip hosts, instructors, or guest speakers – covering topics from accounting and insurance to e-commerce and sales. All the volunteers are business owners, community role models, and leaders in their fields. The YEA! program encourages students to dream BIG and in addition to the networking, and learning, students will see increased confidence and come out of this program with a greater understanding of how the skills required to start a business are transferable to any field, whether or not they continue with that particular business. YEA! graduates are doing what some may consider the impossible, before many of them can even drive.

The YEA! program is a national one, now in its 11th year, and there are 117 locations in 38 states across America. The program at KSC is the first and only program currently run in New Hampshire.

Academy classes run from November through May and meet every Thursday from 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. on campus at Keene State College. No prior business experience is required! For more information, please contact Program Manager Meredith Speranza at or call her at 585-429-0562.

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