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Meet Alumni and Constituent Engagement

From Bethany Morin, Alumni and Constituent Engagement:

Since mid-September, we have restructured our efforts to build relations with alumni, parents, campus partners and the community to improve services to the constituents of the College. The office previously known as Alumni and Parent Relations is now called Alumni and Constituent Engagement. The purpose of this group remains generally the same: to support interaction with individuals connected with Keene State College, and to build the bridges between alumni, parents, the community, and members of the College to encourage volunteerism, citizenship, College pride and philanthropy.

The office has enjoyed much success recently, with the help of faculty, staff and friends of the College. Parent Family Weekend was attended by over 800 students, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends visiting the school and city. Thank you to all our campus partners who help to make the campus feel welcoming and engaging. Also, we are sustaining the vigorous Golden Circle Luncheons, for our alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago. These luncheons offer the opportunity for us to share news about the accomplishments of the students, and the latest on our programs across campus. The Alumni and Constituent Engagement group is now refining further affinity gatherings throughout the year, and looking forward to the All Alumni Reunion in June of 2016! The team, as well as the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the Parents Association Board are looking forward to opportunities to collaborate with offices and departments across campus.

The team consists of Rod Miller, the Associate Vice President for Constituent Relations, who oversees efforts; Bethany Morin, Acting Director; and Kirsten Camp, Office Coordinator. Please contact me with any questions or ideas for partnering. I can be reached at or 603-358-2424.

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