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Visitor Parking

From Peg Richmond, Admissions:

Frank Mazzola said it perfectly when he stated that construction season is underway at Keene State College! How exciting to witness this progress as we prepare for not only fall 2015, but for the students entering in 2016 who will benefit from the new residence hall.

With the construction of the residence hall comes obstacles in entry to our campus as well as reductions in spaces for visitor parking. To accommodate our visitors to the admissions office, the cabinet has approved designated spots for admissions visitors only in the Elliot Center parking lot adjacent to the fence facing the CDC playground. These parking spaces will be in addition to those available for all visitors to our campus in the Wyman Way visitor lot. Unfortunately, that lot has been reduced in size to make room for the construction equipment and vehicles.

Access to our campus and first impressions are extremely important in the admissions process. Although all of our visitors would agree that construction does mean progress, they also expect access to parking with the least amount of stress possible.

To ensure the best possible visit for prospective students and their families, we would also ask that faculty and staff refrain from parking in the visitor lot under any circumstances. With the reduced spaces available to visitors during construction, it is imperative that we reserve those spaces for our guests.

Thank you and we look forward to working together with you in the upcoming recruitment season!

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