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Scheduling Software Goes Live!

From the Scheduling Work Group:

Over the summer, KSC successfully upgraded the software we use to schedule rooms for classes and events on campus. This software upgrade has put the scheduling process fully online and will give the campus community better access to information about space availability – to make it easier to schedule meetings and events – and improved access to information about upcoming events. The new software is called 25Live.

Our business processes will also undergo some changes in order to maximize availability and use of campus spaces. A questionnaire about current practices will be going out to faculty/staff who currently schedule a room or rooms in their area. Based on the information we gather, processes for room and event scheduling requests may change in some areas.

In particular, there are three primary improvements that should make everyone excited about this new software and process…

  • For those of you who have scheduled an event or a space through our current system, you know that you have to request a room not knowing whether or not it’s available. By spring semester, when you will use 25Live to make requests, you will be able to see what rooms are available and when.
  • If you are looking for a specific event or just wondering what kinds of events are coming up at KSC, you will be able to query 25Live directly to find out. We are working with the Marketing & Communications group to eventually align the current events calendar with the information in 25Live.
  • Finally, by the end of the 2014 Spring semester, all meetings and events will be scheduled using 25Live. This will allow Campus Safety and other appropriate offices to have immediate access to all events in the event of an emergency.

On behalf of the Scheduling Work Group, we are very excited about what is coming and believe that it will make a more seamless process for both requestors and scheduling administrators. We look forward to bringing this new product and process to the campus and in the coming months, we will be giving you updates and information about training opportunities. For more information about 25Live, please see the new KSC Scheduling page at The page will provide updates regarding the launch of 25Live as well as information about current campus scheduling processes.

Contact Marketing & Communications

Sarah Kossayda
Director of Marketing
☎ 603-358-2119