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Professional Activities

Tamara Stenn’s new book, The Cultural and Political Intersection of Fair Trade and Justice: Managing a Global Industry, will be released October 3 by Palgrave Macmillan. Stenn uses Amartya Sen’s theory of justice and Geert Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions to answer the question: “Is Fair Trade fair?” She focuses on a study of the effects of Fair Trade on indigenous women, as reported by the women themselves, which Stenn uses to develop a deeper understanding of Fair Trade, globalization, culture, and policy in building justice.

Al Rydant and Christopher Cusack, both Geography, coauthored “Student Perceptions of Fieldwork Utility across Three International Field Courses” with John P. Smith (independent scholar, Wales), Brian A. Shiplee, University of Wolverhampton, UK, and Bryon Middlekauf, Plymouth State University, for Review of Geographical Education Online. They examine the impact on the development of skills across six geography field courses, over five years, among students from three institutions. Student perceptions were examined in such conceptual skill sets as personal/self-management, cooperation and independence, managing information and data, teamwork, problem solving, and communication fluency.

Karen Cangialosi, Biology gave a presentation September 17 at Howe Library in Hanover, NH, entitled, “Truths and Myths about Spiders.” The talk was part of Hanover’s “Everyone is Reading” program, which is focusing on The Story of “Charlotte’s Web” by Michael Sims.

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