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IT Changes You'll Need to Know About


From the IT Group:

We hope you have had a wonderful summer. The IT Group has been busy making some exciting technology changes over the summer in our continued effort to provide improved security and easier access to your KSC tools.

These changes include:

New Authentication Service

Beginning August 15th, you will see the new KSC Authentication Service. When logging into Canvas, Blackboard, MyKSC and other tools, you will be redirected to our new KSC Authentication Service. Faculty staff will enter their current NetID and current computer login password. Students will enter their current NetID and current MyKSC password. This new service eliminates the DOB password or other passwords you have used previously to access the following tools:

  • BlackBoard
  • Canvas
  • MyKSC
  • Res Life Housing
  • Health Services forms
  • Interlibrary loan requests

So, it is just one password for all of these tools!

NOTE: This does not currently include: WebAdvisor/Self-Service, Colleague or other systems not listed here.

Here is a peek of the new KSC Authentication Service page you will now be using to access these KSC tools:

Searching for students in BlackBoard

While current students’ NetIDs are not changing, there are new conventions that some new students will receive. These new conventions are part of a new security initiative with the USNH system. You may notice a few NetID variations for a time (jsmith or jfs6237), while we move through this process. So, if you currently use NetIDs to look up students, we suggest searching by last name instead.

New friendly email address for students

Students will now have new “friendly” email address. This address will use their first name/last name convention in the address ( Current students’ NetIDs will not change, and any email sent to the old email address will continue to be delivered. This new address is now available in KSC directory.

Expanded wireless

KSC is now completely wireless! Wireless was expanded to all residence halls and academic buildings last year and has now been expanded to all administrative buildings this summer. You now have access to the wireless network where ever you are on campus!

Changes have also been made to the wireless network in the residence halls to deliver a stronger and more reliable network for students.


MyKSC has a new updated look! This new design provides students with a more visual experience and quick access to frequently used applications and tools, reducing clutter and confusion. But while MyKSC has a new look, it still functions exactly as before allowing access to grades, email, transcripts, bill pay, class registration and more.

Some of the new features and changes include:

  • The new Quickbar at the top of the page is an icon-based toolbar designed for quick access to favorite apps and pages. It also displays timely notifications, such as E-mail alerts, calendar reminders and task due dates.
  • Pop-in windows are incorporated in the new design and will display at first log-in to explain features and draw attention to additional help documentation.
  • Students can also customize their Quickbar with just those icons they use and remove those they don’t.
  • “Quick Chat” is a new feature coming soon that will allow students to chat with other friends.
  • Bookmarks have been broken down by category making the search process quicker and easier.
  • By clicking on the red bar at the top, students will be taken to the homepage.

Feel free to take a peek. We think you will like the new look!

IT HelpDesk Support

The HelpDesk hours during the academic year are as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Feel free to stop by and talk with our HelpDesk Manager, Elise Morrissette or our Staff Technician Rob Coleman whenever you have questions about this information or any other technology issue. All of our HelpDesk staff and student technicians are happy to assist you.

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