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Construction on Nursing Instructional Space Scheduled to Begin

From Colin Burdick, Physical Plant:

Throughout the fall semester, Keene State will be converting the Rhodes Hall rooms S105-S106 (formerly the Rhodes Hall public computer lab) into a state of the art and attractive nursing simulation and nursing skills lab.

These new spaces are integral to an accredited nursing instruction program and vital to attracting quality students. There will be two simulated hospital rooms constructed to resemble actual hospital intensive care rooms, complete with all the technology you would find in any hospital. The fundamentals lab will include five hospital beds equipped to mimic a general hospital, complete with a nurse’s station and general exam area. This lab will also incorporate a classroom that allow students the ability to review what they have just learned on the simulated, life-like patient manikins. This exciting project is scheduled to begin in mid-August and be ready for the spring ’14 semester.

The equipment and functions of the Rhodes Hall public computer lab have been relocated to the second floor of the Mason Library, ensuring access for all students.

As with any construction project, we will look to minimize any disruptions and inconveniences that may occur in an already occupied building. We have taken steps to ensure workplace safety among faculty, staff, and students and will try to keep parking impacts to a minimum. If you have any questions or concerns about the construction portion of this project, please feel free to contact me.

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