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A New Opportunity at the Thorne

For this first pilot exhibit, “Intersection: Art, Culture, and Identity,” faculty from Journalism and Communication, a Communication student, the KSC Archivist, and the organizers of the 2013 Symposium were asked to select pieces from the Thorne collection and interpret their selection through the lens of their particular discipline and interests.

The exhibit offers viewers a forum for object-based learning, as they are invited to consider how the objects can inform many disciplines and perspectives in the academic and general community. The pieces are presented simply, without much interpretive labeling. We ask the viewer to consider each object from their own perspective, what the artist’s perspective might have been when creating it, and how the piece might be interpreted in today’s culture.

This exhibit is intended to be a forum for critical thinking and exploration of the interdisciplinary nature of culture and identity. Each object might also be considered from various perspectives: How was it made and designed? What technology was available when it was created? Why did the artist choose that particular medium to create the object?

Viewers can access this curator information by using the tablets on the wall or by downloading an app on their cell phones to get to our exhibit website. In addition, there are two objects on display with no comments to encourage viewers to form their own views. Comment books are provided and viewer comments are welcomed.

It is intended that this show will be a model for interested faculty from all disciplines who would like to choose objects for future exhibits in this space.

Interested faculty and staff are invited to come to the gallery on September 23, 24, or 25 between 9–9:30, 10–10:30, or 12–12:30 to learn how their classes might use this exhibit and future exhibits.

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