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Fair Trade Report

From Mary Jensen, Sustainability:

KSC students in Dr. Tamara Stenn’s IQL Measuring Fair Trade class spent the spring semester researching and measuring the value of the sales of Fair Trade products on campus for their KSC 2012 Annual Fair Trade Report, released in late May.

Highlights included:

  • Total suggested retail value of Fair Trade products sold on campus: $493,050, an 18% increase over the 2011 figures.
  • Total number of Fair Trade presentations and events: 11 delivered to or participated in by a total audience of approximately 2,504 people. Though there were 15% fewer events, there was 72% greater total attendance.
  • Total number of KSC professors using Fair Trade in the classroom: 14
  • Total number of courses where Fair Trade is mentioned: 13

Fair Trade is a voluntary trade model that enables consumers to choose to support disadvantaged producers in a fair and just way ensuring adequate pay, environmental protection, social and economic justice, and cultural preservation.

Fair Trade products offered on campus at the Dining Commons and Lloyds, through Sodexo, include Aspretto coffee, Numi teas, Fair Trade Sugar, Equal Exchange Chocolate and Tea and Green Mountain Coffee. The bookstore carried Autonomie T-shirts in 2011.

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