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Community Service Corner

Pamela White, Development, was honored by Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) of Western NH as one of two “Bigs” of the year. Congratulations, Pamela!

Campus News was pleased to be able to talk with her – and her “Little,” Tynesha, who graduated from Keene High School this spring. Tynesha’s headed to NHTI in the fall, and hopes to transfer to Keene State when she’s completed her program there. She and Pamela were this year’s community-based match of the year. Tynesha says, “we’re amazing together.”

The pair met at Nelson School as a “site-based” match nine years ago. Their “official” BBBS relationship ends with Tynesha’s graduation, but, Pamela says, they’ve still got a lot to do. “I can be there as a sounding board, as a disciplinarian, as whatever you need — it’s going to be a different kind of a year.” They both wants to make sure that, as Tynesha leaves her mother’s home for the first time, she’s not surprised out in the world, so there’s a lot of planning for the fall and the future beyond it. But the two have fun planned, too: Hiking, coffee, long walks and a trip to Mass MoCA. Arts are among the many things they share: Tynesha is a painter, a jewelry-maker, and makes many of her own clothes, while Pamela’s creativity has primarily been focused on theater and performance.

Pamela also acknowledges Tynesha’s mother, who, she says, always puts her four kids first. All four have been matched with “bigs” through BBBS. Pamela says, when she was young, she had a skill for finding adults in her circle who could help her when she needed mentoring or support. “You need different adults in your life than the ones you’re given.”

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