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Tropical Marine Biology Gets Wild Dolphin Close Encounter

From Karen Cangialosi, Biology:

The KSC Tropical Marine Biology class (INBIO 104) completed its 13th annual trip to the Turks and Caicos May 14-21. Another successful trip was highlighted by a spontaneous snorkel and swim with wild dolphins. A rare event for sure, as even dive operator residents who have lived and worked in the marine environment around the Turks and Caicos for many, many years said they had never experienced this level of close encounter. The class while on the dive boat during their last day of diving near West Caicos, were followed by a pod of about 12 dolphins, after watching them swim, leap and ride the wake of the boat for several minutes, the dolphins remained near even after the boat stopped. At that point the class, instructors Dr. Karen Cangialosi and Dr. Scott Strong, and others on the boat jumped in the water with snorkel gear and watched them interact up close. They were also able to hear the calls, clicks and whistles of the wild dolphins underwater.

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