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Tech Tip of the Week: You Are the Target

From the IT Group:

As you are aware, the IT Group is providing Cyber Security Awareness Training to you through May 2013. As part of this training, videos addressing cyber security topics are released to you monthly and newsletters are available to you that reinforce the message in these short videos.

Here is a portion of one newsletter you may find helpful:

Cyber Security Awareness - You are the Target!
Many people mistakenly believe cyber criminals would never target them, that their computer or information has no value. In reality individuals like yourself are a cyber criminal’s primary target — you and your computer are attacked every day. The first step to protecting yourself is realizing you are under constant attack.

By following some simple steps, you can protect yourself, your family and our organization. You can read more to learn how you are the target and how to protect yourself on our “You are the Target” newsletter.

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