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KSC Welcomes Eleven New Honors Program Students

From Peggy Walsh, Honors:

The Keene State College Honors Program is pleased to welcome the following 11 outstanding students into the program for Fall 2013: Emily Brochu, Jared Dobens, Danielle Fallette, Emily Fennes, Meghan Jenks, Rachael Levy, Joseph Martino, Shannon Moriarity, Laken Elizabeth Thomas, Jessica Tulley, and Norman Valley. Congratulations to all of these remarkable first-year students.

The benefits of participating in honors include academic enrichment, a travel/study course, the option of a living/learning community, and scholarship support. Students joining the honors program as sophomores will participate as full members, completing five honors courses in the next three years. Fall electives include courses in intercultural communication, astronomy, and immigration.

KSC faculty nominated 75 first-year students based on their exceptional performance in fall courses. All had earned a GPA of at least 3.5. Students applied and were selected from that pool. Thanks to everyone who participated in the process.

One hundred students are now enrolled in the Honors Program.

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