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Tech Tip of the Week: Working Remotely

From the IT Group:

As you are aware, the IT Group is providing Cyber Security Awareness Training to you through May 2013. As part of this training, videos addressing cyber security topics are released to you monthly and newsletters are available to you that reinforce the message in these short videos.

Here is a portion of one newsletter you may find helpful:

Technology has become extremely powerful, allowing you to connect to the Internet and communicate anytime you want, anywhere you want. From tablets and smartphones to lightweight laptops, you can potentially work anywhere in the world. However, when working away from the office, there are several risks you need to be aware of. In this newsletter, we will explain how you can securely work while away from the office. Remember that to work from home, you must first have permission from your supervisor. In addition, depending on the type of information you are working on, you may also need permission to work while traveling, such as if you are attending a conference or visiting another office. If you have any questions about when you can work remotely, and what information you can work on, be sure to ask your supervisor first. To learn how to protect yourself when working remotely, visit our cyber security newsletters.

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