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Update on PrintSmart Benefits

From the Keene State PrintSmart team:

As you may recall, in FY11, Keene State College, in conjunction with the campuses of USNH, formally bid out and awarded a comprehensive printing program to Conway Office Solutions, Inc. The FY12 Keene State program called for the installation of centrally located MFPs (multifunctional printing devices) and the removal of all old printing devices on campus. Since the new program has been in place, about six months, significant cost savings are already apparent.

Specifically, total campus printing costs have decreased by 35 percent, compared to FY11:

Total campus administrative printing costs:
FY11: Estimated Total KSC Administrative Printing Costs $423k
FY12: Estimated Total KSC Administrative Printing Costs $312k
FY13: Estimated Total KSC Administrative Printing Costs $275k
= Estimated Annual Dollar Savings (compared to baseline FY11) $148k

The current trend shows an almost 48 percent decrease in campus printing for FY13. Other schools within USNH have also experienced a decrease in printing volumes. This year, we will review machine usage data from each location to identify severely under-performing units and replace them with lower volume/lower cost machines, which in turn lower costs to Keene State as the higher volume MFPs cost more to rent. We expect to see the results from this program continue to grow. Thank you for your patience and participation!

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