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Gathering a Crowd

You’re bringing a phenomenal speaker/exhibit/performance/side show to campus. You’re giving a talk on campus yourself.

And you want people to show up.

Here’s a hint: List your event on the Online Events Calendar. Immediately.

Listing your event as soon as you can serves a few purposes:

  • People who look at the online calendar can see your event and make plans to attend.
  • People who look at the online calendar can see what an amazing richness of events we offer, which helps promote KSC generally.
  • People who are considering scheduling an event that might conflict with yours can know better.
  • The online listings generate Keene State’s monthly events ad in the Sentinel. Your event can be listed in the Sentinel at no cost to you!
  • Think of the opportunities to share the resulting calendar link: E-mail it to everyone you know, share it on social media…

So, how can you get your event listed? It’s as simple as submitting this form. That form is also linked on the events calendar at

Contact Marketing & Communications

Sarah Kossayda
Director of Marketing
☎ 603-358-2119