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Community Service Day Photo Contest Winners Announced

More than two hundred volunteer students, faculty, and staff blanketed the city for Community Service Day October 5 to demonstrate the power of community service.

Waist deep in the murky Ashuelot River, volunteers pulled more than a dozen abandoned grocery carts out of the water. Others collected trash from along the river banks. And still others mowed, raked, and pruned the local vegetation or painted, cleaned, and organized at a number of locations across town.

The number of volunteer hours associated with KSC Community Service Day will greatly increase the total number of hours tracked throughout the year. In 2011-12, Keene State students contributed 72,800 hours of service associated with community projects.

Volunteers and community partners were encouraged to document the efforts of students, faculty, and staff and to submit their work in a photo contest.

Cabinet reviewed the photos and selected three images that best capture the spirit of the day.

Third Place: Eric Swope
Eric played an important role in Community Service Day as a location coordinator for the Beaver Brook site. He serves as the Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator for the Keene Wastewater Treatment Plant. Despite his responsibilities as a site coordinator, Eric found time to fit in some photography of the volunteer groups that removed trash from Beaver Brook. His photograph of volunteers from the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority speaks to the team spirit of Community Service Day.

Congratulations to all three outstanding photographers!

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