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CDC Gets Innovative New Play Space

From Ellen Edge, Child Development Center:

As you may know, the CDC staff have been engaged in a project to create a natural playground for the past several years. A natural playground is less reliant on equipment and more reliant on natural elements to support children’s development than other playgrounds. The CDC staff engaged in a two-year study, traveled to playgrounds around New England, attended conferences, and met with consultants who specialize in this emerging field. Because of the budget, the CDC outdoor play space project was understandably tabled for a while. We are so glad to report that it has now been revived – thanks to the support from college administration, Melinda Treadwell, Frank Mazzola, and especially Bud Winsor.

The work accomplished this summer is the first phase, and there will be more construction next summer. Studio MLA Architects of Brookline, MA, worked with KSC and CDC staff on the design with an eye to both natural beauty and children’s development and safety. We are excited to report that during this construction phase, Bud brought his own creative eye to the project, and this has been especially valuable! Check out that beautiful brick work around the garden beds, or the placement of the boulders around our new hill, or the lovely stone retaining wall. We want to thank Travis Ellsworth for the skilled and beautiful brick, stone and landscaping work. We would also like to thank Frank Lucius Construction for his donation of labor and equipment while building the new visitor parking lot.

For even more on natural playgrounds — and the CDC’s new playground specifically — see the full story on

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