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Re-duce, Re-Use, Re-Heat

From Diana Duffy, Physical Plant:

While Grafton House is now officially a memory on campus, it served as an important resource to both the campus and the Keene community during the course of its successful demolition.

Bill Rymes, KSC’s Plumbing Supervisor, rescued Grafton House’s boiler for future heating needs. This efficient boiler has years of useful life to serve a small campus building during future heating seasons. Bill worked with the demolition crew to safely extract the boiler from the site.

Also during its final days, Grafton House hosted the City of Keene’s fire department for professional training purposes. The fire team noted that “it is not very common to have a local building and all of its components provided to our members for the purposes of carrying out realistic training scenarios and fire ground evolutions.” This unique training worked thanks to the coordination of Campus Safety and the demolition team from Physical Plant.

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