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Early Sprouts Grows, Adds

From Karrie Kalich, Health Science:

Early Sprouts recently expanded its initiative from working with preschool age children to also children in kindergarten through 6th grade participating in afterschool programs. In the afterschool setting, Early Sprouts continues to focus on nutrition by engaging children in gardening, exploring, and cooking fresh produce. However, a new addition has been incorporating activities that also foster math, science, and art skills.

Dr. Beverly Ferrucci and her fourth-year math students graciously partnered with the Early Sprouts team to create fun and engaging math activities that utilized the Early Sprouts vegetables. For example, children explore the connection between the size of a squash and the number of seeds it contains, determine the volume of a bell pepper by measuring how much water it holds, and calculate the perimeter of a room using green beans.

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