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TDS Update

Significant progress has been made over the last few weeks at the TDS Center.

On the second floor, interior walls are almost completely framed while plumbers hang the last few air source heat pumps. Stairs have begun to be installed starting at Stair 3; these should be accessible by the end of the week. Masons have finished their part of the annex area and have completed most of the elevator shaft. Steel workers will finish the roof decking on the annex this week so that roofers can start sometime in the middle of next week. Sheetrock has been installed in the Butterfield attic and will move to the second floor office area once electricians finish their wiring. Waterproofing of the foundation is almost complete, while the exterior sheathing begins at the west end of Stair 1. The precast bases around the perimeter should start being installed late next week as they look to take down the plastic and install the exterior sheathing.

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