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The IT Group is Going Green. Join Them!

From the IT Group:

February 1 through April 20, the IT Group is hosting a recycle mania contest. Recycle unwanted, unused and no longer needed electronic files from your email and P drive storage. A snapshot will be taken before the start of the contest and the person who has reduced the largest amount of space in these two areas will win a free lunch!

Managing your space in your email account and your storage drives has many benefits for both you and Keene State College. Regular maintenance provides:

  • Cost containment: If information is never deleted and storage space is exceeded, it may be necessary to resolve this issue by purchasing additional space.
  • Easier access to important information: By organizing drives and email efficiently, it will be easier for you to locate important information without unnecessary searching, allowing for more efficient use of time.
  • Reduction in folder duplication and outdated information: Reviewing your folders and email on a regular schedule will help you identify folder duplication, allowing you to delete what is not necessary and reduce your storage space.

The HelpDesk website provides excellent tips and best practices to help you manage your files more efficiently.

Join us!

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