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About the September 8 Campus News

We’ve learned that a handful of folks didn’t get the last e-mailed issue of Campus News, due to some technical issues.
For your benefit (and ours), a couple of notes:

  • You can always find Campus News online at Even if you don’t receive the e-mail, you can find it there, with links to the most recent issue and to each archived issue. If you’re one of those who missed the last issue, it was September 8.
  • This week, if you’ve received Campus News, would you be so kind as to ask a couple of other faculty or staff members around you if they received it? If they didn’t, please pass it along to them, and please let us know (or have them let us know) by commenting on this post or e-mailing We only know there’s a problem if you tell us there’s a problem.
  • You can find the CN schedule for this semester at this post from this summer.

Sorry for the confusion last time; we’re working on making sure it’s resolved this week.

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