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Alums Call on Legislators to Support Student Scholarships

We all know that cuts to the USNH budget will affect students. It seemed like time to remind ourselves that there are Keene State alums who are looking out for their successors and the college — and advocating publicly to do so.

Case in point: This outstanding letter to the Concord Monitor from a member of the class of ‘52.

From the letter (and please read the whole thing if you can):

I would like to ask each legislator to join us and send $100 to Keene State College and earmark it for the Class of 1952 Scholarship Fund. These gifts will offset the cuts that have been made this year, and you will know the joy of assisting students complete their education.

Along with the legislators, I encourage Keene State College graduates to send checks to our scholarship fund. The class of 1952 would be so grateful, and we will let you know how much every gift sent is appreciated.

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