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Fanny Kelley Named Director of Student Accounts

From Karen House:

Please congratulate Fanny Kelley upon her acceptance of the continuing position of Director of Student Accounts, effective December 1. This is the next step in the continuing evolution of the former Student Financial Services unit. Removing “interim” from Fanny’s title is a well-deserved sign of confidence in the quality of leadership she has exercised in these months since the transformation began. To many students and families, including the first-generation college students that KSC serves, the word “bursar” is unfamiliar and hard to understand. The department’s new name and Fanny’s new title are symbols of an intentional focus on those being served.

Both Fanny and Pat Blodgett have been quietly working to shape the identity and define the operations of their now-individual departments, Student Accounts and Financial Aid, respectively. This work is ongoing. Recognizing that students and families find the SFS title a convenient signpost on KSC’s website, the SFS webpage will continue to exist. However, it has been modified to reflect the new department names and contact info. Other changes will occur over time. Take a peek at the recently unveiled Student Accounts Mission Statement.

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