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Invitation to apply: KSC Pepsi Partnership Grants

From Barbara Preston:

Applications due: Friday, September 17, 2010

You are invited to apply for the Pepsi Partnership Grants Initiative for Fall 2010. Eligible applications will be accepted from student groups and organizations, faculty, staff, and/or departments and administrative offices of the College. Funds awarded must be expended this fiscal year; all invoices and payments must be submitted prior to June 1, 2011.

The goal of the Pepsi Partnership Grant program is to support and promote worthwhile campus projects with unrestricted dollars given by the Pepsi Corporation to the College. These projects should improve the College academically or culturally, enhance its reputation, and/or improve the quality of life of its students.

When preparing your grant application, please understand that:

  1. Preference is given to proposals that will result in an outcome which reaches a large and broad spectrum of the student body.
  2. Consideration is given to projects that are innovative, show promise of bringing new dimensions to the life of the College, and enhance the student experience.
  3. Serious consideration is given to projects that show potential of promoting academic excellence and improving the quality of student life.
  4. Funding for clubs and organizations will only be considered if the groups are recognized by or affiliated with the College.
  5. Proposals to purchase academic materials (i.e., books, equipment, supplies) are not typically funded.
  6. Proposals for travel are typically not funded since the benefits are usually limited to those people who participate in the trip. Proposals for travel will be considered more favorably if the proposal specifically outlines a direct and substantial benefit to the larger KSC community.
  7. The strength of a proposal is greatly enhanced when it includes a specific and detailed budget breakdown and specific plans showing larger KSC community benefit.

Please also note that:

  • Grant funding will typically not exceed $2,000 per award.
  • Grant funding for speakers will typically be limited to $1,000 per award.
  • Grants are given for this academic year only; multi-year projects must be approved on a year-by-year basis. These grants will NOT be used to sustain annual operating costs for programs or activities.
  • All Pepsi Partnership Grant recipients will be bound by College policy regarding intellectual property (check “Policies” on KSC Web pages).
  • Pepsi Partnership Grants will not provide funds for honoraria or travel for faculty/staff of the College.
  • The Grants Committee reserves the right to adjust these guidelines to fund unusual, meritorious proposals that may normally fall outside the description.
  • All grant recipients will be required to complete a follow-up assessment regarding who (students, faculty, staff, Keene community) attended the event and the number of students in attendance at the event. The follow-up assessment must be received no later than June 1, 2011.

Grant applications may be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Affairs, online through My KSC Announcements or Outlook Public Folders, “Pepsi Partnership Grants”.
Proposals should be e-mailed to Paper proposals will not be accepted.

Contact Marketing & Communications

Sarah Kossayda
Director of Marketing
☎ 603-358-2119