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Operating Staff elects six members to OS Council

From Jackie Hooper, Operating Staff Council, Election Committee:

The Operating Staff returned six incumbents to the OS Council during elections on Founder’s Day, May 14. Each person was elected to a two-year term to represent their constituency group as follows:

  • Physical Plant, 1 position: Tim Garland
  • Grounds, 1 position: Dee Denehy
  • General Office, 2 positions: Chris Flanagan and Sheila Kirby
  • At Large, 2 positions: Tamara Lique Naitove and Deb Barrett

There were 143 ballots cast with 177 OS staff on the checklist. Figuring that most people filled out two ballots (one for their work group and one for at-large seats), there was a voter turnout of 40.6 percent.

Within a week after the election, the OS Council is required to meet to elect officers for the upcoming year. On May 19, the Council elected Tim Garland, chair; Susie Ericson-West, vice-chair, Sue Freitas, treasurer; and Dee Denehy, recorder.

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