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Professional and academic activities

Dr. Candice Torres (Bosse) has had an article accepted for publication in the academic journal Grafemas. The article is titled: “La Mujer Hondureña, el Feminismo y la Obra Poética: Una Entrevista con Jeny Esmeralda Barahona Arambú (Libélula)” and will appear in the spring issue, 2010.

Economics students Evthoxia Kyrousis and Casey McBrien presented their senior projects at the Eastern Economic Association on Feb. 27 and 28 in Philadelphia. Xia presented “Illuminating Social Capital,” how the business community supports and benefits from the Pumpkin Festival. Casey’s paper “Peak Oil: Will Economies Collapse or Adapt?” found that price signals are not adequate to stimulate alternative energy technologies.

Economics professor Marie Duggan also presented two papers, one about Keynes’s proposal for a world financial architecture at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944, and the other a model of economic growth under the Spanish missions in 18th century California. Conference attendance was supported by grants from the Faculty Development Fund and the Student Conference Fund.

A paper based on the work of Carl E. Johnson (Biology ’08), Everett A. Kysor (Chemistry-Physics ’07), Andrew S. Metell (Chemistry ’08) and Jonathan W. Queen (Chemistry ’08) has been selected as a “Hot Article” by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Hot Articles are those papers rated most highly in terms of both their quality and scientific impact by teams of expert reviewers. The students’ paper, “The Synthesis and Characterization of [IMesH]+[(η3-C5H5)V(N)Cl2]-: An Anionic Vanadium(V) Complex with a Terminal Nitrido Ligand” has recently been published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal _Dalton Transactions _and will be freely available for the next four weeks at
This paper is the result of a four-year research project at Keene State College funded by Research Corporation and the American Chemical Society. It describes the syntheses and properties of four new chemical compounds, two of which contain extremely rare vanadium-nitrogen triple bonds.

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