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Armenian genocide lecture, documentary

From Paul Vincent, Holocaust and Genocide Studies:

Apo Torosyan will be coming on Monday, 22 February, and presenting at 7 p.m. in the Mountain View Room both a lecture and a screening of his documentary The Morgenthau Story.

Mr. Torosyan is the child of Armenian genocide survivors. He has completed several documentaries treating survivors and their testimonies. This film focuses on Henry Morgenthau, Sr. (U.S. Ambassador), who was involved in aiding Armenian refugees through his work in Greece with the Refugee Relief Committee. He assisted with the rescue of thousands of Armenians, as well as Greeks and Assyrians from the former Ottoman Empire. Turkey still refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide; indeed, the Turkish authorities imprison those who speak out against this injustice. Nevertheless, hope remains that the genocide will be acknowledged, and Mr. Torosyan’s documentaries could prove a significant contribution to that outcome. His presentation, on the theme of “Hope not Hate,” aims to teach how hate and prejudice can be transformed into tolerance and compassion.

Faculty should consider encouraging students to attend this lecture. It is cosponsored by the Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Club and the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program. Thanks are due the Dean of Arts and Humanities for a special contribution.

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