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The Story Behind the Harriet Ames Story

By now, most readers of Campus News have likely heard about Harriet Richardson Ames receiving her degree last week. In case not:

Pretty terrific, right? What an accomplished alumna, what a great story.

It seems worth mentioning, though, that even if the rest of the world doesn’t have as much reason to be interested in this as we do: This is the result of a lot of really amazing teamwork by a lot of dedicated people and offices on campus. I hate to start mentioning, for fear of forgetting, but I’ll start here and hope that if I leave anyone out you’ll pick up the slack for me in the comments: Congratulations, Alumni and Parent Relations (including volunteer Norma Walker ‘51). And Development. And Registrar’s Office. And Provost’s Office. And Film Studies Department. And Education Department.

What a nice example of community and teamwork, doing something important and worthy.

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