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IT Tech Tip of the Week

From the IT Group:

Recently, some users on campus have received a pop-up on their computer indicating they have a virus. This pop-up is a fake virus warning and will infect your computer if you click OK or click the red X to close it.

If you ever receive a suspicious pop-up, do not click on the red X to close it. The best way is to end the task. Simply press control-alt-delete to bring up the Task Manager. Click on the Applications Tab, find the name you see in the title bar of the pop-up, click on that application to highlight it and click the End Task button on the bottom. That will close the pop-up without infecting your computer.

If this box continues to reappear, your computer begins to run very slowly or you have pop-ups that are continuous and annoying, contact the HelpDesk and we will be happy to help you get your computer back in good condition.

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