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KSC Students Create Mural for Huntress Hall

Lynn Roman photo
Lynn Roman photo

On November 17, the Art Department officially unveiled a colorful abstract mural created for the newly renovated Huntress basement hallway. Students enrolled in Color Design and Painting, an Integrative Studies Perspective course, taught by instructor Richard Carlson, produced the mural.

The eight-week course introduced 16 non-art-major students to principles of color and design, culminating in a large site-specific wall mural. Students were asked to consider the Huntress lobby’s shape, current wall colors, pedestrian traffic flow, and other design factors. Demonstrating awareness and appreciation for the history, intentions, methods, and aesthetics of site-specific painting (including cave paintings, Islamic tile work, and contemporary Minimal painting) were part of the outcomes for this course.

Carlson has been teaching design and drawing to first-year students for 19 semesters at Keene State. Studio Assistant Kyle Paquette helped students with the technical aspects of the project.

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