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Reimbursements and ACH Deposits

From the Business Office: We have found that our new initiative of depositing travel and petty cash reimbursements directly (electronically) into individuals’ bank accounts (i.e., the ACH process) has been well received on campus. We appreciate the positive feedback!

For those who have neither the extra time to visit us in person nor the inclination to carry a lot of cash, there is no minimum amount required for reimbursements to be processed via ACH. Even the smallest amounts may be handled in this way. No cash, no hassle, no fuss. Feel free to route your reimbursement request via campus mail at MS 1603, or stop by in person to drop off your paperwork. If you are not currently enrolled in the electronic deposit (ACH) program and would like to be, please contact Matt Kimber at 8-2480.

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Director of Marketing
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