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100 years in 100 words: Notes from the Centennial Committee

Coming Events with a Centennial influence:

  • 9/28: Centennial Wellness Fair on Appian Way at the Clarence DeMar Marathon: Health! Wellness!
  • 10/24-25: Homecoming: Pumpkins! Alumni!
  • 10/25: 100th Owl Presentation: Owls! More Owls!
  • And please visit KSC100

We’ve got lots more Centennial fun to come in the next sixteen months. Wish you could get in on the act? We’re glad to have your help: Let Amy Proctor know at We need volunteers. We also need the spark of your creativity: What are you doing that could be more Centennialtastic?

Contact Marketing & Communications

Sarah Kossayda
Director of Marketing
☎ 603-358-2119