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Eco Note: Cleaning Up On Energy Savings

After a successful bid process, the College will be contracting with a new residence hall laundry company this year. One of the goals of the bid committee was to select a firm that had a strong commitment toward sustainability.

Mac-Gray will replace all laundry equipment on campus with front load washers and dryers. The previous laundry firm will remove their equipment and use these units at other client sites. Look at how installing Energy Star front-load washers and dryers will have us cleaning up on energy savings:


  • Save 50% on water used in top-load washers
  • Hold 32% more laundry than top-load washers
  • Extract water at higher speeds, decreasing drying time
  • Estimated annual water savings once installed: 482,000 gallons (142,000 gallons is hot water)


  1. Dry loads faster due to air-flow technology
  2. Larger drum allows for more laundry per drying cycle
  3. Reduce drying time by 10 minutes per load
  4. Yearly savings of 2710 KW and 241 million BTU’s of gas

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