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Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is established to:

  • Promote health and safety in Keene State workplaces
  • Advise the Campus Safety and Environmental Health and Safety program on campus health and safety issues
  • Support campus compliance with applicable health and safety regulations
  • Recommend initiatives which will enhance the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and the general public while at Keene State College
  • Suggest updates to the College Emergency Operations Plan and risk mitigation strategies to the President and the Cabinet

This committee meets the requirements of New Hampshire Department of Labor regulations (Chapter 281-A Workers’ Compensation Section 281-A:64).


Membership will include representation of the administration, faculty, staff and student body and shall include:

  • One faculty from each School approved by the Dean
  • One professional staff approved by the PAT Council
  • Operating staff: at least two members approved by the OS Council, one of which shall be from the Physical Plant
  • One student approved by the Student Assembly and/or a student majoring in Safety Studies
  • One representative from the Residential Life Office
  • One representative for the Access Committee
  • One representative for the Center for Health & Wellness
  • Other members of the campus community who would like to serve on the Committee

Ex officio members:

  • Director of Physical Plant (or designee)
  • Senior Executive Assistant to the President
  • Manager of Environmental Health and Safety
  • HR Liaison - Benefit Specialist
  • Director of Campus Safety (or designee)
  • ADA Officer (or designee)
  • Athletic Director (or designee)
  • Director of Marketing and Communications (or designee)
  • Chemical Hygiene Officer

This membership complies with the administrative rules for safety programs and joint loss management committees, Chapter RSA.281-A. Responsibilities

  • Review previous meeting minutes and follow up on recommendations made by the Committee.
  • Review accident reports, generate recommendations for safety standards and rules and assign responsibilities and target dates for implementation.
  • Communicate to employees and students the Committee’s mission and activities as well as current safety programs and policies.
  • Make recommendations for specific safety policies and training topics and participate in safety training.
  • Review health and safety project proposals and make recommendations for funding and/or appropriate follow up to other resources.
  • Advocate for the resolution of ADA compliance issues that have risen to the level of a health and safety concern.
  • Report to the Committee safety concerns or issues brought forward by individuals from the campus community.


The chairperson will be the Manager of Environmental Health and Safety.

Any employee who participates in committee activities shall be paid at his/her regular rate of pay for all time spent on such activities.

A quorum for a meeting shall be 50% of the membership.

All matters requiring a vote must have a quorum. Votes may be conducted electronically (via e-mail) or at a meeting, provided that a quorum is present.

Individual members who cannot attend a Committee meeting may and are encouraged to appoint a designated alternate to serve during their absence.

All Committee members, including properly assigned designated alternates will have voting rights.

Committee meeting minutes are available upon request.

Contact Environmental Health and Safety

Ralph Stuart, CIH, CCHO
Environmental Safety Manager
☎ 603-358-2859

Elliot Hall
229 Main Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03435-2502